Waste Management Programme

An effective waste management system is an essential component in making a place environmentally sustainable, where the focus is not only to treat waste effectively but also to limit its production. We realised that the success of our cleanliness campaigns will largely depend on adopting an effective waste management strategy.

ILJ, invited Mr. C Srinivasan, a renowned consultant for solid and liquid waste management from the 'Indian Green Service', to share his insights about effective waste management techniques with the citizens of Jaisalmer. An informative session on turning “Garbage into Gold” was held, which educated the people about some fundamental lifestyle changes and effective methods of segregation, using and reusing everyday waste for a sustainable and economically viable management system.

Mr. Srinivasan has done ardent research and applications on the subject and has worked with numerous communities across the country. He features in Amir Khan’s show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ which helped him reach millions of people and educated them about effective waste management.