Jaisalmera Through My Lens

With an initiative towards the appreciation of photography, discover talent and connect photographs from around the artistic community of Jaisalmer to the world, Jaisalmera Through My Lens, Photography Contest 2020 was organised.  The contest was curated with the idea to share the unexplored diversity of Jaisalmer known mostly to the local community, unfurling the life of Jaisalmer through their visual stories. The contest witnessed prolific participation from Jaisalmer region.

The categories of the photographs were as varied as they were encompassing the portrait of life in Thar. From Jaisalkala : The indigenous handicrafts ,folk artistry, local traditions of the region to  Jaisalquilla: Diverse form of life bustling in the Jaisalmer’s living fort, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jaisalneer: The aspects of precious water in desert showcasing small oasis and khadins, Jaisaljeev Jaisalharit: The beauty along with the determination of desert flora and fauna to thrive in desert sanctuaries and outside, Jaisalveer :Photographs of city during covid 19 and the warriors who contributed to control spread of pandemic in the region, Jaisalnari : Diverse forms of strength of Thar woman, their artistry and role in preserving folk art & culture. Categories like Mera Shahar Mera Parivesh, A splendour in Thar desert showcased the life in Jaisalmer’s street market along with city’s famous tourist spots.