Clean Drinking Water

Samples of drinking water collected by I Love Jaisalmer indicate much of the local water supply is toxic and has high total dissolved salts. Children are most vulnerable to Fluorosis when they consume water with high total dissolved salt. Jaisalmer district has over 1300 government schools with over 40% of the total population of Jaisalmer being children.

What are we doing?

I Love Jaisalmer’s initiative to provide clean drinking water for the children of Thar grows out of these children’s dreams. One solution to the problem is the installation of reverse osmosis plants, which purify brackish water by dissolving its salt contents. Another is to rehabilitate school reservoirs that can hold enough rainwater to last months after the monsoon. So far, the initiative has installed Reverse Osmosis water purifiers of 50 LPH at 10 government schools. Now the drinking water in these schools has over 80% less TDS. Today, over 1310 students in rural areas of Jaisalmer have access to clean drinking water. And the efforts continue.

Kahla: TDS 1390+ to 144
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