Jaisalmera- Mera Ghar Meri Zimmedari (my home, my responsibility)

With an aim to instill a sense of belonging in the children towards their city, I Love Jaisalmer approached Education Department to reach children through schools. The program through various presentations sensitized school children towards various challenges faced by the city such as city cleanliness, street hygiene, waste disposal management, social awareness towards public property etc. Children were constructively engaged in discussions about their idea of a better city for a prosperous future for all.

Through the program 22 schools of Jaisalmer were approached and around 1400 students participated in the presentations. These 1400 students consented through forms to volunteer the campaigns run by I Love Jaisalmer.

Through this community development campaign focusing children, children residing in different colonies were being contacted and locality wise teams were formed under the city cleanliness drive educating them methods to keep their locality clean. These volunteers monitored their respective localities, sent correspondence to city council or registered complaint on toll free numbers. To carry the task in methodical manner, children were sensitized with tracker cum sheet method to record their work on daily basis. This sheet was weekly verified by the members of I Love Jaisalmer. Based on the worksheet and effort contributed by the children for the campaign, estimation for award distribution were derived.