Jaisalmera Through My Lens Photography Contest 2020
Honorable Mention

Anurag Bhargava
‘The Symbol of Valour, Our Soldiers in Jaisalmer Fort’
‘Jaisalkila, A Legendary Fort which bustles with life welcoming tourists from all over the world , is a symbol of timeless beauty and courage.’
Shot at Fort, Jaisalmer

Shivlal Panwar
‘Jaisalkala, Forms of Vernacular Artistry, Preserving Local Traditions and Indigenous Handicrafts’
Shot at Chelak, Jaisalmer

Kalyan Singh
‘The Foot Prints are Left Behind, The Desert Always Encourages to Move Ahead’
Shot at Sam, Jaisalmer

Sourav Karmakar
‘Mera Shahar Mera Parivesh -Colors of City Nurtured by Generations of Love, Gratifying Laughter and Joy’

Sourabh Goswami
‘Jaisalnari- The Hues of Grace and Responsibility’
Shot at Bus Stand, Jaisalmer

Mahendar Kumar
‘Desert with Hues of Light and Shadow from Dusk till Dawn and The Story of Inspirational Life Sustaining in This Golden Sand ‘
Shot at Lakhina Khadin Village Khuiyala, Jaisalmer

Chetan Solanki
Service Beyond Self, Moments of Inspiration During Covid19
Shot at Shiv Marg, Jaisalmer