District Empowered Committee

I Love Jaisalmer filed a letter of intent with the Rajasthan Heritage Development Association to be on the District Empowered Committee. This committee is legally empowered and responsible for the execution of the Site Management Plan for the Jaisalmer Fort.

Soon after, the organisation was appointed as the member secretary of the Committee. Since then, regular meetings have been called by I Love Jaisalmer majorly to pursue implementation of the Drainage System Installation at the Jaisalmer Fort. The organisation has been able to make substantial progress since then.

The fort lights, which were not operational for over 2 years, were repaired and switched on in December of 2013. Regular awareness programs and interactive sessions were facilitated by the organisation between the RUIDP and the residents of the fort. This proved to be instrumental in ending the long period of gridlock between the parties and 18 months after the contract was awarded, the drainage work finally began.