Anti-Plastic Campaign

Our city, like almost every other city in the world, is overly dependent on plastic. For most problems related to our city’s drainage, the waste it creates has an undeniable multiplier effect, as its unmonitored usage exponentially degrades basic health and sanitation.

This project used the medium of film to inspire many local tea sellers to refrain from serving tea in plastic cups. With some government assistance, we created an anti-plastic campaign, telling people about the detrimental effects of plastic in our lives. We also distributed earthen cups free of cost to promote the usage of sustainable materials.

In no time, this campaign became the talk of the town, motivating many locals to resort to sustainable materials. More than 15 tea shops have stopped serving tea in plastic cups and over 25 handicraft shops are handing out only cloth bags to their customers. This has had a small yet significantly positive effect on the city and we will be regularly conducting public interventions to minimise the further use of plastic in the city.