Abandoned Heritage Sites

Jaisalmer’s history is one of a kind—the world’s oldest living fortress, strategically located on the infamous Silk Road. It has borne witness to the immensity of time and the inherent diversity of humanity, transforming itself into a safe harbour for rejuvenation, creation and commerce for travellers and traders from distant lands for centuries. We believe now it must reclaim this distinction for the sake of its own people.

The former rulers, the residing communities, the travellers from all over the world—all have all left their mark in the heritage that Jaisalmer embodies today. Over the years, however, these heritage properties have been unprotected—ill-kept, contaminated, stolen or destroyed due to lack of awareness.

Through the medium of film, we are actively preserving and raising awareness about these abandoned heritage sites, which demand an urgent response. A huge portion of our heritage would be lost in the ruins if not protected today.