21st Century Skill Development Program

The Average literacy rate of Jaisalmer has increased by 6.27 % as per the last census. In collaboration with X Billion Skills Lab (www.xbillionskillslab.com), the 21st Century Skill Development initiative with I Love Jaisalmer, aims to empower graduates from the region of Jaisalmer with high-quality access and exposure to the required 21st-century workplace skills. The first batch of 10 students from SBK PG Government College Jaisalmer completed the program in 2021 to achieve sustained career growth. The program leads to career success and increases employability prospects. The initiative aims to transform these students into a future-ready workforce of smart generalists. Applying superpowers like effective communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence enable fresh graduates to handle any workplace scenario. The second batch of 12 students from Shri Mishri Lal Sanwal Govt. PG Girls College Jaisalmer is undergoing the program in 2022. The students enrolled in this program are volunteers of I Love Jaisalmer.

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